[Diy_efi] Hi and JECS injector question

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Sorry for the misinformation I thought we were going from high to low. =
Because the one I was talking about was converting high to low. The PC =
requires high so we put the resistor box in there so we can use peak and =
hold (low resistance) injectors.

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Is the resistor box on these cars designed to "convert" low impedance
injectors to high, or high to low?

I thought that Lorcan originally was saying he needed to DECREASE the
impedance of his fuel injectors because the PC could only handle
low-impedance ones.

If this is, in fact, the case, you would possibly need to build =
custom.  A boneyard "resistor box" may be designed to perform the task =
hand, but there's no guarantee that the values are right!

To reduce the impedance of the injector you would need to wire some
resistors in parallel with the injector solenoid (basically from one =
lead of
the injector to the other).  Resistance in parallel acts as a reducer of
impedance.  Resistance in series adds.

The "problem" is that you need to know what kind of current the =
are handling currently (no pun intended) so that you can guesstimate the
power handling you will need the resistors to be capable of.  If it is =
heat sinking may also become an issue.

Simple electronics formulas can be found in almost any text, and you =
be able to figure out what you need with just a calculator and some =
Good luck!

> I just happen to know this because I learned the hard way=20
> quite a while ago. If you look through almost any Honda=20
> website or especially www.thepartstrader.com and type in=20
> resistor box for search and you should find one. They come=20
> off of 88-91 CRX's and Civics. DSM's also have them although=20
> they are harder to find. The box itself is just an inline and=20
> is about 1"-1.5" X 2" so placement should be too much of a=20
> problem. If you have any trouble finding one I can probably=20
> aid you in finding one. Let me know.

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