[Diy_efi] Hi and JECS injector question

Erik Jacobs emj14 at columbia.edu
Thu Apr 29 13:50:57 GMT 2004

> Sorry for the misinformation I thought we were going from=20
> high to low. Because the one I was talking about was=20
> converting high to low. The PC requires high so we put the=20
> resistor box in there so we can use peak and hold (low=20
> resistance) injectors.

It's not misinformation!

I've never seen one of these resistor boxes, nor have I seen a =
schmeatic, so
I have no idea what kind of stuff goes on in there.  I'm not sure how
sensitive the PC will be to "seeing" an improper impedance at the =
so I'd suggest some testing before Lorcan goes and fries the PC (which =
cost a bit).


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