[Diy_efi] OEM GM weatherpak connectors

Gary gas- at charter.net
Sat Jun 5 02:49:31 GMT 2004

The electrical connectors and terminals are delphi, not AC delco.  I possess
a Delphi
'connection systems' catalog.  I consider this catalog a fantasy catalog of
sorts.  While the
GM dealer can order a percentage of the components that I chose to purchase,
a good
share of the items I need, are not available through them.  Though a source,
such as
Pioneer, an outlet for Delphi, has what I need (desire), I must be content
with purchasing
a few hundred, of any given item, at a time.


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> You might try a website that specializes in AC Delco parts:
> http://www.oewarehouse.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv  or
> The most useful part of the website is the search engine.  When you put in
an AC Delco
> part number it returns a GM part number.  If you don't know the AC Delco
part number
> you can find it on the AC Delco website:
> http://www.acdelco.com/html/catalog/index_auto.htm
> Once you have the GM part number, it is a lot easier to search for parts
and check prices at:
> http://www.gmpartsdirect.com
> N Schnell wrote:
> > Does anyone have a link to a catalog of original pins and connectors
> > GM uses?

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