[Diy_efi] some fi questions....im a newbie so forgive me :)

mike sutton mikanlin62 at elltel.net
Sat Jun 5 01:36:38 GMT 2004

Hey all..

Im convinced that this efi doesnt have to cost 1.4 gigallion dollars to do,
and since the tbi has been around for more than a decade...nearly two
decades now?  and the port fuel has been here for a decade my presumption is
that the basics are there.  I mean,  shouldnt it be fairly straightforward
as far as being able to measure air flow, rpm, load, barometric pressure,
exhaust 02 levels, engine temp etc etc.....so the basic formulas and such to
deliver the fuel should be there.  Is it safe to presume a 450 cubic inch v8
engine ( for example ) thats basically stock or mildly hopped up will burn X
amount of fuel per hour per hp at certain rpms and loads.  I would imagine
bsfc numbers wouldnt be that far apart regardless of brand.

Ok....now that Ive caught myself rambling....I have acquired a holley
projection thru some horse trading and is this thing worth messing with?
Its an older one, tps and temp only.....can this be worked with or is it a
boat anchor as far as doing any mods or such with.  I know they offer a kit
to add an O2 sensor, but this thing still seems kinda archaic.  Where do I
find some comprehensive sites to see how to engineer one of these , not
necessarily a pro jection...but just to find out the basics of building one
from scratch...either tbi or port.  It seems that the ecu/ecm is the only
hardware that isnt just basically a bolt on.

Just my 2 cents....thanks in advance

Mike Sutton

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