[Diy_efi] DIY-WB users - compare to high end

bcroe at juno.com bcroe at juno.com
Fri Jun 18 03:10:29 GMT 2004

Those changes are fairly recent, never put into the 
official product.  They are not very hard to add to your 
board.  I only recommend the low operating voltage 
fix (shorts R4 after warmup) to extreme situations. 

Right now I'm moving from Aurora to Byron, so a bit short 
of time.  In the future, I might ask you again about that 
offer, thanks.  Bruce Roe

17 Jun 2004  "Daniel R. Nicoson" <A6intruder at adelphia.net> writes:
> Bruce,
> Were those changes in place in the summer of 2002 
> (when I built my unit)?
> Also, I've got a 4-gas analyzer I got from a local shop.  
> Could you make use of it (would you want to spend the 
> time?) if I drop it off at your place
> later this summer?  (Aren't you in northern IL?).

> Dan
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