[Diy_efi] Pulse width meter - Using the Data

mbelloli at speedymotorsports.com mbelloli at speedymotorsports.com
Tue Nov 30 08:04:54 GMT 2004

     I have a quesiton in regards to using Pulse Width readings in
Milliseconds.  How usable is this besides a general ballpark reading?
 If you were going to build a map of how much fuel was added at any
given MAP/RPM reading would these readings be good enough?  I look at
injectors all the time with a DSO, but I'll be damed if I can see the
difference in readings between an injector that is supplying the
right amount of fuel and one that is very close.  My meter readings
look the same. If I made a very small change in the Volumetric
Efficiency table that made a signifigant change in the running at
idle I was still reading the same MS.  I had to go way off the sweet
spot before I could see the difference in the meter readings.  Now at
higher RPMs it does become more obvious when looking at MS readings,
but it sure doesn't seem to be at idle.  All my customers are
complaining about idle quality, and rarely about WOT quality.  If you
wanted to build a map you could then take and compare to the
Volumetric Efficiency table / fuel table, what would be the best way
to do it?



> Sorry, I was referring to the microcontroller implementation described
> at the diy_efi site:
> http://www.diy-efi.org/diy_efi/projects/pw_meter/
> Has anyone implemented  that circuit?
> I know it can be done with a scope, but it would be much easier with
> a special-purpose device. I also know it is part of the fuinctionality of
> some digital multimeters, but they are a bit pricy for me.
> I'm a newbie here.  I was assuming this was a mail list and therefore
> expected to get
> postings in my mailbox. Guess the only way to read postings is
> in the Archives? Or, what am I missing?
> Ed
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