[Diy_efi] RE: Swaping 1225550 crossfire with 1227747 (correction)

Chuck Kahler c.kahler
Tue Apr 4 16:42:29 UTC 2006

I checked the A10 wire (VSS) and it is hooked up to the ecm. I?m assuming it
?s running to the correct place on the other end since the original ECM
1225550 worked fine. Idle worked as is should have.


Is the VSS hooked up? Did you take a road trip? IAC resets itself at a
speed (35mph?) so it can find "zero". There is also a way to reset it via
ALDL (which is at least a stop gap fix) I think, but the preferred method is
use VSS so other ECM functions can also work.

If you've already done that...I dunno. I'd verify with a scanner that the
VSS is
doing what you think it's doing.


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