[Diy_efi] RE: Swaping 1225550 crossfire with 1227747 (correction)

Greg Parmer parmega
Tue Apr 4 19:23:12 UTC 2006

Bummer. That sounds correct.

Check out http://www.thirdgen.org/techboard/diy-prom/

In particular, there's a thread about high idle BB TBI with info for
troubleshooting. Once you've got the idle thing pegged...check out the Ultimate
TBI thread. Notice it's in DIY-PROM so you've still got to be able to burn your
own chips, but there's a reason it has so many views. :)

Good luck. FWIW--I haven't added the EBL (see link above) to my crossfire '7747
yet, but I will very shortly.


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> Greg,
> I checked the A10 wire (VSS) and it is hooked up to the ecm. I'm assuming it
> 's running to the correct place on the other end since the original ECM
> 1225550 worked fine. Idle worked as is should have.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
> Is the VSS hooked up? Did you take a road trip? IAC resets itself at a
> certain
> speed (35mph?) so it can find "zero". There is also a way to reset it via
> the
> ALDL (which is at least a stop gap fix) I think, but the preferred method is
> to
> use VSS so other ECM functions can also work.
> If you've already done that...I dunno. I'd verify with a scanner that the
> VSS is
> doing what you think it's doing.
> -greg
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