[Diy_efi] Re: Re: Problem with cam mounted optical trigger sensor

Robert W Hughes rwhughe
Thu Apr 6 18:02:10 UTC 2006

> First I ran better sheilded cable, replaced the condensor and ran a
> new engine earth cable. This seemed to tone down the noise but it was
> still there.
> I then replaced the solid core spark leads I was using for some stock
> suppression cable. This made a huge difference and problem seemed to
> be gone. I replaced the standard coil with the CDI ignition. The car
> started for the first time on the CDI ignion but there was
> intermitted noise on the signal causing problems once again.

Although this may not apply to your problems now, solid core spark leads 
and even spiral wrapped leads usually cause a lot of problems for the 
ecm. A quick fix that usually works with the spiral wrapped wires at 
least is to use a piece of regular resistance (carbon core) spark wire 
for the distributor-coil HV lead.

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