[Diy_efi] boat fuel pump

Don Sauman donsauman
Thu Apr 6 23:26:10 UTC 2006

Safety reason --- no, only corrosion but that may not even be an issue. 
double clamp and sray with CRC Marine 66 or similar to leave a waxy 
coating over it.

BTW the HP pumps I have seen are mounted close to forward RHS of engine 
black high.


Steve Ravet wrote:

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>>Hi Steve
>>Could you not use the 15 psi electric pump from the TBI 
>>Mercruiser/Volvo/Chey V8 and regulate it back to 3-6 psi for a carb.
>I have found there are 3 mercruiser electric fuel pumps.  2 low pressure
>used with carbs, and 1 high pressure used with all EFI (TBI and MPI).
>The EFI pump is discontinued.  From the parts diagrams it doesn't look
>like the carb pumps were used with regulators so I doubt they'll do 15
>psi for EFI.  One www page specified that the EFI pump doesn't have
>threads on the inlet fitting.  It must be a friction fit onto the fuel
>cooler, which is probably why it's only sold preassembled now.  Looks
>like a dead end with mercruiser parts unless I spring for the
>pump/cooler assembly.
>I took another look at David Allen's boat EFI page, he used an inline
>Ford pump.  Is there any safety reason to not use an automotive fuel
>pump instead of a marine pump?
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