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Lee M. Lemoine llemoine
Fri Apr 7 14:25:12 UTC 2006

Higher nickel content in the block, slightly different casting (stronger due
to ribbing added inside the engine) used a stock cam, a 3.4 DOHC oil pump
(higher flowing) theres a unique oil pan to that engine for the turbos oil
return, forged rods, mahle forged pistons, lower c/r (8.7:1 versus the stock
9:1) and a different intake plenum (tapped for IAT, vaccum brake connection
was plugged)...   Thats about it really stock lower intake plenum, the heads
were different with larger swirl-pots, and the rear exhaust manifold is
different ,as is the 'crossover' pipe which was flawed from the factory.
Dependant on hwo your going to use this motor, i'd suggest making your own
or having one made professionally...

They only made 2500 of those total, 1250 each year '89 and '90.   The cars
are collectible if you can find them intact..

On 4/7/06, Mike V <efi at dyakron.com> wrote:
> Hi Lee,
> aside from pistons were there major differences in those
>   engines when compare to say, a 1990 3.1 V6 Chev?
> Like rods,crank, cam or <?>
> Just curious I saw one in the wrecker's that was
> officially in "unknown" condition. (translation: cheap)
> MV
> At 09:59 AM 4/7/2006 -0400, you wrote:
> >Kind of sounds like over here in the states for "State emission testing
> and
> >safety inspection"..  My '93 Z24 convertible with the 3.1 V6 Mclaren
> Turbo
> >motor in it...   They ran it up on the dyno for emissions with a wideband
> in
> >the tailpipe on the stock turbo ECU (which was rediculously rich)...  at
> 3
> >mph they had dilluted their WB02 at the tailpipe, and theres a cat on the
> >car!  Anyways, needless to say it hasn't ever passed inspection
> here...  and
> >now they start to suspend registrations if its not inspected within 7
> days
> >of registration.
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