[Diy_efi] boat fuel pump

Tom Visel five10man
Thu Apr 6 16:47:21 UTC 2006

You can buy a pump now which will support your carb, for cheap, and buy 
a pump and regulator later to feed your EFI.  This route would likely be 
less complicated / expensive and just as effective as buying one pump 
and either (1) buying a trick regulator or (2) rigging two regulators or 
some other setup to dump the massive excess flow you'd have running a 
carb with a pump designed for EFI. 

Steve Ravet wrote:

>I have a bad fuel pump (mechanical) on my boat.  This is a 20+ year old
>mercruiser MCM470 and the fuel pump is discontinued according to the
>online sources I can find.  Even if it wasn't I'd be reluctant to pay
>$130 for a mechanical fuel pump when I could get an electric for less,
>that would work with my plan for eventually putting on a megasquirt.
>Any suggestions for a marine fuel pump and regulator that will give me 3
>psi now, and 15 psi when I switch to TBI?  
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