[Diy_efi] boat fuel pump

Ulmer, James D - Denver, CO james.d.ulmer
Thu Apr 6 17:07:37 UTC 2006

Pumps for boat applications have to be rated for marine use. If you
happen to get inspected and don't have rated parts, you'll get a ticket
and be taken off the water. It should be no big deal to get a 15psi
marine pump and a regulator to use it with a carb for the time being.
Spend the money once for a good pump and you'll be that far ahead when
you convert. Remember, we are talking TBI here, not MPEFI with its 80
psi pumps.

Big Jim

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> You can buy a pump now which will support your carb, for cheap, and
> a pump and regulator later to feed your EFI.  This route would likely
> less complicated / expensive and just as effective as buying one pump
> and either (1) buying a trick regulator or (2) rigging two regulators
> some other setup to dump the massive excess flow you'd have running a
> carb with a pump designed for EFI.
> TomV
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