[Diy_efi] circuit and PCB proofreaders?

Bernd Felsche bernie
Tue Apr 11 14:36:22 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 12:07, Steve Ravet wrote:
> I've created a PCB using Eagle PCB software.  Before I send it off
> I'd appreciate some comments, especially on the PCB and any issues
> that may affect reliability or manufacturability.  I have gifs of
> the schematic and the PCB on the FTP site:

> ftp://diy-efi.org/uploads/sgr/usb_vpw.gif
> ftp://diy-efi.org/uploads/sgr/usb_vpw_pcb.gif

> This is a USB to VPW converter, that will allow connecting a PC to
> a GM OBD2 computer via the USB port.  It will work for scan tool
> operations or reflashing operations.

First thing that struck me was the number of vias. You've probably
played around a bit with component placement and routes but I simply
have an aversion to vias because of the plated-thru holes sometimes
not being plated all the way through.

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