[Diy_efi] circuit and PCB proofreaders?

Steve Ravet Steve.Ravet
Tue Apr 11 14:56:43 UTC 2006


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> On Tuesday 11 April 2006 12:07, Steve Ravet wrote:
> > I've created a PCB using Eagle PCB software.  Before I send 
> it off I'd 
> > appreciate some comments, especially on the PCB and any issues that 
> > may affect reliability or manufacturability.  I have gifs of the 
> > schematic and the PCB on the FTP site:
> > ftp://diy-efi.org/uploads/sgr/usb_vpw.gif
> > ftp://diy-efi.org/uploads/sgr/usb_vpw_pcb.gif
> > This is a USB to VPW converter, that will allow connecting 
> a PC to a 
> > GM OBD2 computer via the USB port.  It will work for scan tool 
> > operations or reflashing operations.
> First thing that struck me was the number of vias. You've 
> probably played around a bit with component placement and 
> routes but I simply have an aversion to vias because of the 
> plated-thru holes sometimes not being plated all the way through.

Haven't played much, basically just hit the autoroute button and this is
what came up.  I've also read Andrew's and Bill's comments -- thanks
very much for the feedback!  Those are exactly the kinds of comments I
was looking for.


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