[Diy_efi] GM V6 three connector DIS ign module pinout?

Lee M. Lemoine llemoine
Mon Apr 17 14:07:42 UTC 2006

What type of ECM / What application.

There should be a '12777xxxx' number somewhere on the casing.  Are the
connectors two rows of pins or three?  (Weatherproof or not?)

On 4/17/06, Tomas J. Sokorai Sch. <tsokorai at xperts.cl> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what are the correct (+) and GND pins on these modules
> (or
> the colors of the original wiring) with respect to the connector's tab?
> I don't know if my notes are incorrect and I wired the module backwards
> and
> fried it, or if the "el cheapo" eBay module was DOA :(
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