[Diy_efi] GM V6 three connector DIS ign module pinout?

Tomas J. Sokorai Sch. tsokorai
Mon Apr 17 14:24:55 UTC 2006

On Monday 17 April 2006 10:07, Lee M. Lemoine wrote:
> There should be a '12777xxxx' number somewhere on the casing. ?Are the
> connectors two rows of pins or three? ?(Weatherproof or not?)

I don't have the module with me right now (I'm at the office ;) to check the 
number, but it is the one with two connectors on one side (one with three 
pins for the crank pos. sens., and the other with six pins for the ECM/IGN 
connection), and a two pin connector on the other side, that's supposed to be 
the power connector. All weatherproof and facing forward.

Tomas J. Sokorai Sch.

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