[Diy_efi] Nissan KA24E ECU and CAS

John Smith1882 dirtrider218
Wed Apr 26 18:23:36 UTC 2006

I have a TB, MAF, injectors, fuel rail, ECU,etc from an '89-90 Nissan 240SX 
that I am going to be adapting to another engine. The crank angle 
sensor(CAS) and injector trigger are in the distributor, but  that is the 
one part of the systemI do not have. The CAS is, from what I understand, 
mainly for ignition. The ignition will handled separate from the ECU. I 
still need the injector trigger wheel, though, and I can build that.

My qestions are:
1. Will the ECU still funtion without the CAS, or will it go into "limp" 
2. If I cannot remove it, does anyone know if I can remove the CAS function 
in the binary file?
3. If I can't do either of those, does anyone have a clear picture of what 
the trigger wheel looks like? All I have is a bad illustration from an 
online factory service manual.

I have been all over the net looking and even the Nissan 
tuners/chippers/programmers can't help for whatever reason.

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