[Diy_efi] info request

Tom Visel five10man
Tue Aug 15 15:26:16 UTC 2006

Grassroots Motorsports did a writeup (I think last year) on a project 
that used parts from an 1800E to convert a different Volvo to fuel 
injection.  1800s are indeed fuel injection, and it is D-Jetronic, early 
Bosch.  Analog EFI with a diaphragm-style MAP sensor.  Hope the fuel 
injection never breaks, or convert it to something tunable.  See 
http://tinyurl.com/zclwg for history on the 1800 model including 
year-to-year differences.

Rick McLeod wrote:

>Does anyone know anything about a Volvo 1971 1800E w/ 2.0Litre FuelInj, like what system is used for control?
>I am looking at one but currently don't know much about it other than I know the owner very well and own 3 recent 90's 850's currently.
>Any info appreciated, links to tech, etc.
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