[Diy_efi] Low impedence injector flowbench and other flowbench Q's

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> flowbench Q's
> being. Could I fire low impedence injectors from an EEC-IV 
> computer with injector resistors?

Hey Dustin, you're going way overboard using an ECU to flow injectors.
You can build an injector bench using a 555 timer chip and an output
transistor for saturated injectors, and a P/H circuit for P/H injectors.
The 555 can drive both circuits simultaneously, and you can hook the
injector to the appropriate driver.  A pot will take the 555 from 0% to
100% duty cycle, or use a rotary switch and fixed resistors to deliver
predetermined pulsewidths.

> Another question is regarding firing a strobe or timing light 
> to view injector spray patterns. Anybody know a simple way to 
> fire a strobe from an injector pulse?

1)  external flash like a photographer would use.  These are probably
very simple to trigger.
2)  reverse engineer a cheap strobe light.
3)  timing light.  Cut off the inductive pickup and wire to the injector
firing signal.  Would take some experimentation to make work.  If it's a
dial back then you can observe the spray at different points during the
4)  timing light.  Use the injector firing signal to trigger a GM
module, hooked to an ignition coil, and the inductive pickup on the
timing light.

There's a flow bench article on the DIY page you should read.
www.diy-efi.org, click diy_efi, click projects, click flow bench.


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