[Diy_efi] Is E85 worth it?

Frey, Richard K rfrey
Fri Aug 25 12:50:35 UTC 2006

I am a big fan of diesel vehicles.  Starting in 2007 (4 months away) the
US government has mandated the sole use of low sulfur diesel fuels.  I
have been told by people in the know that this will open the flood gates
for European manufacturers of diesel vehicles and we will see many
highly successful diesel designs on our shores.  Due to the lower sulfur
fuels their current modern designs will soon meet our emission standards
and no further expense will be required to bring these vehicles to the
US.  BMW diesel sedans actually out perform their gas counterparts.  If
you follow LMS (or whatever they call themselves these days) racing, you
have seen the amazing success of the tdi audi diesel in that racing
series, all designed to drum up interest in VW/audi diesels here in the
states.  I predict you'll be able to purchase super efficient econoboxes
up to performance sedans.  The fact that the jeep will have a European
origin diesel in it soon is strong evidence of the change afoot.  They
will probably arrive with the low sulfur fuel.  I read somewhere that
70% of new cars sold in Europe are now diesels.  Don't quote me on that

Now, iF you're into homebrew, there is always French fry fat at a cost
of about 70 cents a gallon to produce at home into a viable, although
not perfect, alternative source for serious fuel savings.

Modern diesels are amazing designs and should be seriously looked at.

rick frey

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I am also considering a diesel vehicle since I do some occasional 
towing, but the diesel offerings here in the states are limited. I am 
trying to stay level headed about it and not just go get the 
Duramax/allison 2500 truck... Anybody know when the 3.0L Jeep Cherokee 
diesel is coming out? (although I am guessing they are going to be very 
proud of this vehicle)


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