[Diy_efi] help with Eagle PCB software

Bernd Felsche bernie
Thu Mar 2 14:27:09 UTC 2006

On Thursday 02 March 2006 13:02, Steve Ravet wrote:
> I'm putting together a schematic and PCB using Eagle for the first
> time and I'm having problems, mostly with ERCs on the power pins.
> Is anyone here familiar with Eagle and willing to lend a hand?
> This is an EFI related project...

If it fails an Electrical Rule Check, then double-check the
connections on the power pins, including those on devices with
designated power supply.

If you've used standard pads for connectors and not run traces
between them, then it's usually a matter of not connecting to a
signal on the schematic, or using an inappropriate name.

Select the "show" mode for the pointer on the schematic and
double-click on the power traces. The "pins" on the connected
devices and the corresponding net will be highlighted. If the ones
you expect to be highlighted aren't, they're not really connected.

The online help for ERC explains what it checks to some greater
detail. The error report isn't quite as helpful as it could be.

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