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whats involved in retrofitting ABS to a vehicle ? Does anyone make  kits?

Hoo boy, where shall we start?
Modify the wheel hubs to carry suitable reluctor rings, modify hub carriers  
to hold sensors, modify the hydraulic pipework from the master cylinder so as 
to  include the pump piping, accumulator and valve block, design & fit bracket 
 for hydraulic pump for the high pressure lines, replace pedal box and master 
 cylinder depending on whose system you propose to use, install all wiring 
and  the ABS controller itself, integrate its self-test with the rest of the  
vehicle's electronics....
In short it's do-able, but definitely not trivial!  :-)
I think if you have to ask that particular question, don't attempt the job,  
because of the danger involved in implementing a project that you don't  
understand from top to bottom.
I'd be very surprised if anyone made kits, certainly I've never seen  
anything in UK.
Will C
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