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Don Sauman donsauman
Sun Mar 5 00:29:54 UTC 2006

I had been thinking of a rear axle off a tone wheel equipped rear axle 
off a Chevy light truck and use the modulator only the back brake line 
in place of the proportioning valve.

As an interim I am fitting a Summit Racing variable proportioning valve 
to stop rear wheel lockup under heavy braking when lightly loaded. This 
is on a 1983 Jeep Wagoneer.


WSCowell at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 04/03/2006 10:22:47 GMT Standard Time, 
> spyro at f2s.com writes:
>     whats involved in retrofitting ABS to a vehicle ? Does anyone make
>     kits?
> Hoo boy, where shall we start?
> Modify the wheel hubs to carry suitable reluctor rings, modify hub 
> carriers to hold sensors, modify the hydraulic pipework from the 
> master cylinder so as to include the pump piping, accumulator and 
> valve block, design & fit bracket for hydraulic pump for the high 
> pressure lines, replace pedal box and master cylinder depending on 
> whose system you propose to use, install all wiring and the ABS 
> controller itself, integrate its self-test with the rest of the 
> vehicle's electronics....
> In short it's do-able, but definitely not trivial!  :-)
> I think if you have to ask that particular question, don't attempt the 
> job, because of the danger involved in implementing a project that you 
> don't understand from top to bottom.
> I'd be very surprised if anyone made kits, certainly I've never seen 
> anything in UK.
> Will C
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