[Diy_efi] Jetronic - RFI

Ian Molton spyro
Tue Mar 7 12:32:41 UTC 2006

Lee M. Lemoine wrote:
> Sorry, didn't see this thread first...
> If your able to reuse your master cylinder, depending upon if the 
> proportioning is built in or not... (easy to tell, does it have 2 lines 
> or 4 lines?)  If it has two lines, i'm pretty sure htats what most ABS 
> systems use...  then it splits that out to the two 'safety' circuits.

Two lines. Funny, until this thread I always wondered why...

> As mentioned before, it starts with whatever pressure you put on the 
> pedal... could be 1000 psi hydraulic for all we know...  either way, the 
> motor is there to kick the pressure up when the pedal hits the floor and 
> your still not stopped yet...

Right :)

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