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CobraMan CobraMan
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Just a quick comment, well balanced disk brakes will out stop ABS on dry 
concrete, assuming everything is in good shape. They don't put ABS on a 
Viper for a reason. There are also little "accumulators" or shock absorbers 
for the front and rear break lines that help if the rotors aren't perfect. 
ABS works better on ice and snow, but nothing works good there. ABS is good 
for sig. others, etc.  Why not go all the way to traction control, active 
suspension, etc.  Those actually help if you are not used to driving at the 
limit. Toms   ( flame suit zipped up).
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> Lee M. Lemoine wrote:
>> Also, before trying to implement ABS, you'll have to have the same size 
>> and diameter tires front and rear -- or have appropriately ratio'ed 
>> reluctor rings front and rear...
> Ah I see. makes sense (thanks for telling me what a reluctor ring is).
> Ok, so we're looking at a computer, an electronically opwerated pump, and 
> some plumbing, all of which would be fairly easy to install.
> the wheel sensors shouldnt be too hard to add, so that leaves modifying 
> the pedal box as the tricky bit.
>> All ABS pumps are electronically operated, as to operate during and after 
>> a collison, as long as the electrical system is intact.  They typically 
>> draw 10-30 amps...
> Presumably they dont draw this all the time, only to pressurise the system 
> and during braking?
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