[Diy_efi] O/T: Electronic Leveling Control (air ride) '98 Buick Park Ave

Bret Levandowski skishop69
Wed Mar 8 06:12:15 UTC 2006

The compressor should be on top of the rear cross member under the car. Slightly towards the passenger side. There will be a red and black wire coming off of it to a connector. Hot wire the red lead for  comp. operation. If it works, the sensor or the relay is bad. The compressors are good for sucking up water and going TU. There's no danger of anything going bad or exploding while running the system on a lift. Only Ford was stupid enough to leave the system active with the key off.  Ski

"Lee M. Lemoine" <llemoine at gmail.com> wrote:
  Hey guys,

My father recently purchased a '98 Buick Park Avenue, the electronic leveling control appears inactive...

I've got power all the way to the rear of the car (well, to the fuse box located under the rear seat)  however, no actuation seems to occur.  The leveling switch is still attached to the a-arm on the suspension...  but no go.   Anyone have any idea where they hid the compressor for this wonderful little system?  I hope to get it on a lift and detach the little switch and see if i can't get it to kick on (and test the switch for continuity or resistance)...  Figured i'd hit the crowd to see if anyone has any experience with this system on the newer GM's.  The one on my dads old '88 Caddilac seems slightly different. 

-- Lee


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