[Diy_efi] two part ect sensor Q

Michael Kaczmar abbynrml94
Mon Mar 13 18:58:04 UTC 2006

1) On a mid-90's GMC full size pickup, what electrical range does the
coolant temp guage read in? Truck used to have a TBI 4.3L, I now have
an LR4 (4.8L Gen-III) in the my 93 GMC Sierra, and I'd like to get the
temp guage working.  The service manual has not been all that
informative on detailing how the temp gauge works. I no longer have the
original engine, so it's hard for me to figure this out. Anybody know?
I believe it's a 5V dc circuit, but am not sure. 

2) I plan to retain the stock on in the stock location (drivers side
cylinder head), but run a seperate one on the passenger head. The port
in the head for the ECT sensor is a 12 x 1.5mm thread, so either I need
this thread, or a 1/8" NPT fitting, as there are adapter bushings
available that have a 1/8" NPT Female with a 12 x 1.5 mm male. 

Any help  is appreciated. 

Michael Kaczmar
Creator 77/94/95/96 Caprice a.k.a. Frankenstein LT1/MN6
2004 Impulse Blue GTO, LS1/M12
53 F-100 5.0/T5, Mustang II, T-bird IRS.....
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