[Diy_efi] Ignition retard

Van Setten, Tim @ ACSSD tim.van.setten
Mon Mar 13 23:05:42 UTC 2006

The problem with this idea is that the amount of retard is different at 2500
RPM than 6000 RPM.  This circuit will put a fixed time delay in, that in
reality, changes with RPM.
(The time from one ignition event to the next changes with the speed of the
crank, thus the total amount of timing change varies)....Tim.

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Is anybody aware of a DIY ignition retard system I could build?

There may be more to it that meets the eye but I'm thinking it's possible 
to install a device between the negative pole on the ignition coil and 
control module and use a 555 timer chip circuit to delay the time it takes 
the ignition coil to collapse creating a retard effect. In order to switch 
from non-retard to retard mode, I could use a Hobbs pressure switch so when 
my turbo kicks in, it activates the delay timer. Then use a potentiometer 
to adjust the amount of delay.

Sounds simply but is it possible?

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