[Diy_efi] 1227747 ECM Chip

Fehn, Ron G RFEHN
Tue Mar 14 22:36:34 UTC 2006

350 cid with auto trans will get you started.  it is on crossfire forum.
i had same but manual trans so needed some work to convert bin to

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I'm installing a 1227747 ECM on a 1984 Cross Fire Corvette engine. The
engine is installed in a 2200 Lb car with a 700R4 automatic
The rear end ratio is 3.1 to 1. The engine is completely stock.

I want to burn a chip for the ECM and have Bins; Akal, amur, anlw 5469,
5483, asdz9578. Which of these would work best. If anyone has a better
one I
would appreciate it if you could send it to me.


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