[Diy_efi] Swaping 1225550 with 1227747

Chuck Kahler c.kahler
Thu Mar 23 01:40:58 UTC 2006

I have made all the wire splices on the 1225550 harness into the connectors
I got with the 1227747.

I have a couple questions. (I don?t have pinouts for the 1225550)

C7 on the 1227747 should connect to the W22 (high/forth gear) on the
1227747. There was no W22 in my ?White connector?. There is a W23 that didn?
t get used and also a W6 that didn?t used. What were the W23 and W6 for and
should they be connected to something?

My other question is there are the following ?Black connector? wires that
never got spliced with the 1227747;  B7, B10 & B11.  Is this reasonable not
to have them hooked to anything.

Thanks for the help,

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