[Diy_efi] 16191947 ECM

Tom Visel five10man
Wed Mar 22 19:47:50 UTC 2006

There is no "request" line you can ground at the ALDL to tell the 
computer that you want it to blink the codes on the check engine lamp.  
You must use a scan tool.  It's strange because it's "adolescent" - not 
quite the capability of the OBD-II stuff, but not as simple as the older 

It's not you.  It's the engineers and bean counters at GM.  They get 
kickbacks from the Hair Club for Men, so they developed a strategy to 
make us scratch our heads more often.

Gary wrote:

> Maybe it is me, but I don't understand
>> This is one strange ECM for 1994.
> The the '94 and up LT1 equipped GM 'F', 'Y', and 'B' body vehicle
> (P)CMs could not have SES codes read by connecting any terminals
> within the ALDL connector.
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> Thanks for your reply. This is one strange ECM for 1994. Without the 
> "B" term in the ALDL you can't short "A" and "B" together to get the 
> SES lamp to flash the codes. Looks like scan tool only.
> don.broadus at exeloncorp.com wrote:
>> My friend ordered a Hypertech programmer for the Vette and the
>> Tech support guy told him it was OBII I don't have the PCM number.
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>> It is common to find '95 GM F bodies with the OBD II ALDL
>> connector, but they indeed have an OBD I PCM on board.
>> I question that vette being equipped with an OBD II PCM.
>> In regards to early or late notation, either it is an OBD I or II.
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