[Diy_efi] RE: 60-2 Toothwheel - Kalman Filter or ( EKF )

Mike niche
Thu Apr 12 07:39:21 UTC 2007

At 01:51 AM 4/12/07, Bruce wrote:
>I should have done a bit of qualification on the statement on injection timing relative to crank position at idle.


Where is this missing tooth (btw, is it just one tooth or two) in relation to the
TDC of cylinder 1 or is there another reference, please elaborate ?

and is this for a 4 cylinder, 6 or 8 etc ?

Reason I ask is, in relation ot binary centric register manipulations, I
have an idea for a dead simple extrapolator - sorry Bernd I said interpolation
before, I was using that term in reference to interpolating time or acceleration
between teeth (or rather deriving a rate and/or rate of change figure etc)
which then would (of course) be applied to subsequently extrapolate for ignition...


other than an average rpm figure I cant see any value of keeping any last
values of previous cycle (ie Full crank rotation).
It should be possible to asses rate of change of
velocity and even rate of change of acceleration from the counts between
say the last 4 teeth without need for the prevous ignition cycle provided the
granularity is low and the determination of trigger point by interpolation of
the position of the missing tooth/teeth is repeatable/stable/jitter free etc

ie. Is there another reason - other than an average (perhaps damped 'filtered' value)
figure for rpms for the tables... ?

Such as, Is it for the purpose of poles and zeros for classic stability criteria ?

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