[Diy_efi] 5 pin connector

Rick McLeod dunvegan
Mon Apr 16 12:44:44 UTC 2007

Bill, thanks very much for the reply, from the pictures all I can say is this is NOT a Juinior Timer connector, as there is no metal push clip, but uses the traditional plastic tab retainer.

But, I'll definately archive the sites, as running across this type of quality resource is rare.

Thanks again, more mail to read. cheers

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    Are these flat or round pins, in a line or an array?
If they are flat, in a line, with a metal spring retainer around the 
outside of the female housing - they are probably an AMP "Junior 
Timer"connector look at the following web pages. Do you see the correct 
type there? I believe that Bosch used these connectors on many of their 


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> Well, evidently what I'm looking for is NOT a traditional 'weatherpack' connector, although it's on a GM auto!
> I'm looking for the 5-conductor connector that mates to the Bosch MAF sensor on early GM TPI systems.
> The only 'weatherpack' connectors I can locate are 6 pin or 4 pin, and are somewhat larger pin size. This is a very similar to the weatherpack, but smaller or higher density.
> I'm sure someone else has run across this challenge, so your help is appreciated.
> and yes, the obvious is the GM dealer, but they don't have the 'male' connector that would mimic the MAF end, only the female end that is actually on the cable. The female end is not the challenge, as I've got a salvaged harness that I could butcher one off of, but I'm looking to keep in intact unless necessary to butcher it.
> Therefore, I'm looking for both M and F, what I'm trying to do is create a diag cable that I can insert inline to a MAF to monitor the signals to diagnose either bad MAF's or the control circuits such as the burn-off power and airflow signals.
> Thanks as always.
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