[Diy_efi] O2 sensor mounting

Rick McLeod dunvegan
Mon Apr 16 16:21:42 UTC 2007

I personally would hide the sensor, and as for the condensation thing, I'm not too sure I buy that rational, as there isn't going to be a major temp difference when running at normal op temp, in all the reading on these I've done I've never see or read anything that directly discusses position vs. longevity, which is what I believe the condensation theory is based on. Furthermore, if that is a major concern, maybe using a heated element would also minimize the concern, works when they're mounted significant distance from the exhaust port during cool weather, but from my experience w/ good 4>1 headers the temp at the collector tube is still reasonably high, so I can't imagine you're gonna see any problems.

good luck, just my 2 C worth, cheers

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I am installing my Hooker side exhaust on my '65 Corvette. I would like to mount my O2 sensor at about 5:o'clock in the 4" tube so that it will be not hanging out there. The collector with this system is outside of the fender. My choices would be on top or down low on the inside to hide it. I hear that it should be pointing down so condensation will run off. The sensor has been at about 4:o'clock in my old system for the last 2 years will no ill efects. If it's gotta hang out so be it. What should I do, anyone?
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