[Diy_efi] OBD2 emulation

Mike V efi
Sun Apr 1 03:26:55 UTC 2007

If you could make an ECU test bench to fool the OBD2 ECU, I imagine you
could hide it the trunk. You bring up an interesting point.  Our test for 
cars is simply checking for codes.  If no codes are stored you pass!
If the car is pre-OBD2, they put it on the rollers with a gas analyser
probe up the pipe.  I guess a great deal depends
on the tests used in your area.

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I don't know if this has come up before, but for those who have OBD2 GM 
vehicles and have used a different ECU to allow you to tune it, what can you 
do to pass emissions?  The emissions check where I live is a simple plug in 
test to the computer where they just check for codes and see if it lists as 
"ready" on the emissions pre-tests.  SO, is it possible to emulate an OBD2 
port on the vehicle?  Or even hack a 2nd obd2 ecu to just say all is well? 
Swapping back to the old ecu is not possible as it isn't hackable nor could 
it even the run the engine if I wanted it to.  Thanks.

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