[Diy_efi] Here's a little micro to build on...

joevitek at cfl.rr.com joevitek
Tue Sep 4 18:44:36 UTC 2007

I agree. My experience so far with BGAs in a production environment has been pretty good, however, I am leary of using them in a high vibe, wide temp environment. Also, the A/D comments are very valid. I can't tell you how many revisions of silicon we went through with integrated A/Ds until we got it right. Very expensive learning curve...


---- "Torbj?rn Forsman" <torbjorn.forsman at gengas.nu> wrote: 
> But a 272-pin BGA is not so easy for a DIY project, using a such package 
> means that the PCBs have to be assembled and soldered on a proper 
> production line. I am somewhat reluctant to using BGAs for automotive, 
> military and other demanding applications as the package and solder 
> balls are entirely stiff. There is nothing like the soft bent pins of a 
> QFP or PLCC that can relieve thermal stresses etc.
> Anyway, many people have experienced trouble with high-performance A/D's 
> integrated on a microcontroller chip. That might be noise, 
> ground-bounce, various features that need many silicon revisions until 
> they work reliably...
> If one wants to avoid problems with the A/D, then it is better to use a 
> separate A/D chip. As this chip can be manufactured with processes that 
> are more optimised for analog performance, chances are better that it 
> will work well.
> Best regards
> Torbj?rn Forsman

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