[Diy_efi] Reflow - was Here's a little micro to build on...

Bill Shaw b.shaw
Wed Sep 5 11:50:31 UTC 2007

You mean like this?

It actually works very well.  :-)


Gregg Eshelman wrote:
> --- Torbj?rn Forsman <torbjorn.forsman at gengas.nu>
> wrote:
>> But a 272-pin BGA is not so easy for a DIY project,
>> using a such package 
>> means that the PCBs have to be assembled and
>> soldered on a proper 
>> production line. I am somewhat reluctant to using
>> BGAs for automotive, 
>> military and other demanding applications as the
>> package and solder 
>> balls are entirely stiff. There is nothing like the
>> soft bent pins of a 
>> QFP or PLCC that can relieve thermal stresses etc.
> There are sockets for BGA chips but I expect they're
> plenty expensive, and probably are themselves surface
> mount.
> Then there's Intel's Pentium 4 line that use the
> LGA775 socket. Leadless Grid Array. It has 775 little
> springy spikes poking up to contact pads on the bottom
> of the CPU. The chip's held down by a steel clamp ring
> and locking lever. (Remember the LCC style 80286?
> Everything old is new again!)
> I've heard of people doing SMT soldering in a toaster
> oven- suitably upgraded with a pyrometer controlling a
> switch in the line cord. Set the pyrometer and turn
> the oven up to max. ;) That takes the oven's
> thermostat out of the control loop. Turn the board
> upside down for an SMT desoldering unit, just be sure
> to supply a tray to catch the parts!
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