[Diy_efi] Here's a little micro to build on...

Bill Shaw b.shaw
Tue Sep 4 22:24:58 UTC 2007

The problem is usually the development system.  Unless you do gnu it's 
pretty expensive to buy the tools.  I know Renesas is good about giving 
developers the software tools with the smaller parts (I use R8C/10s on a 
few devices),  but I don't know about the bigger parts.  Do they have a 
free version of HEW for this part?

If you're looking for an interesting controller ecu controller the 
Freescale MPC5554 is worth a look.  Few $k for the Metrowerks compiler,  
few $k for the Lauterbach debugger (emulator),  couple k more for the 
Freescale Rappid tool and you're good to go. :-) 

PowerPC E processor, 2 meg flash, 64k ram, dma engine, flexcam engine, 
serial/deserial engine, analog converter engine, more.  Set up all the 
engines using the dma controller and they all run in parallel with the 
PPC.  Oh yes,  *AND* the dual TPU!  The time processing unit can 
independently read the engine position sensors and provide injector, 
spark, and cam timing without processor intervention.

BTW, Robin - I just brought home the Axiom MPC565 development board 
tonight.   I need to set up a development environment for it next,  
haven't even had a chance to see what's on the cd yet..



Daniel Nicoson wrote:
> I just saw this little microprocessor.  You guys building EFI controllers
> might like some of it's capabilities.
> 32-bit powertrain flash MCU employs 90-nm process
> Microcontroller achieves 200-MHz speed and operation up to 125C
> Said to be the industry's first 90-nm-process microcontroller with on-chip
> flash memory, the 200-MHz SH72546RFCC gains a fourfold speed increase over
> its predecessors and features flash memory capacity of 3.75 Mbytesamong the
> largest available. The device operates at -40 to 125?C and is optimized for
> control systems for automobile engines, transmissions, and other systems
> that require real-time control.
> The chip's superscalar design has a double-precision floating-point unit and
> a cache unit that allows single-cycle access to the flash. The chip has a
> multifunction timer unit with up to 106 outputs, dual multichannel DMA
> controllers, an interrupt controller, and a 37-channel 12-bit A/D converter,
> as well as CAN, SCI, and SPI interfaces.
> The IC is a preproduction device offering features to aid software design
> and debug. The 272-pin PBGA-packaged IC is the basis for an upcoming
> lower-cost mass-production product family that will have performance,
> package, and pin arrangement compatibility. Engineers performing system
> development using the SH72546RFCC will be able to make a speedy and seamless
> transition to lower-cost mass-production devices. ($980available October.)
> Renesas Technology America, San Jose, CA
> Technical Support 408-382-7500
> http://www.america.renesas.com
> Do you think there are enough A/D channels?
> Dan Nicoson
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