[Diy_efi] [slightly ot] Differential Pressure Measurement gauge, alternatives ?

ian spyro
Fri Sep 7 09:28:09 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-09-07 at 00:19 -0700, Gregg Eshelman wrote:

> You'll definately want an airflow source for the hot
> side of the peltier that comes from outside the engine
> compartment and exhausts to outside it too.


> You'll also want a LARGE cooler block with a very long
> or otherwise high area path for the water to flow
> through so it can shed as much heat as possible.

I was going to bolt something like a PC watercooling block to it to give
a nice high area passage for the water.

I also discovered that the solenoid will probably get rather warm. Im
going to have to make sure this doesnt heat the water! spec says
solenoid at 100% duty will hit 90 degrees! I dont think this will carry
to the water too much though looking at the design. We shall see.

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