[Diy_efi] Usb and RS-485 data loggers

Curtis Richards cwrxr
Fri Sep 7 20:07:36 UTC 2007

ian wrote:
> Anyone here know of a CHEAP and _LINUX COMPATIBLE_ USB datalogger with
> at least 2 channels of A-D ?
> 8 bit is fine, samplerate not important, anything in the kHz range is
> overkill. robust inputs would be nice.
> looking for off the shelf, dont have time to build my own.
Hi Ian,

Try B&B Electronics


They have all sorts of 'blackbox' data  acquisition products.  I used 
their rs-485 stuff to connect 4 O2 sensors, 4 EGT probes 12 pressure 
sensors and a crank angle sensor to a Palm TX when I was debugging my 
Megasquirt setup on a 1946 CJ2a with a supercharged L134 flathead.  
Their stuff just works!  My initial  runs were with Quartus Forth  on 
the Palm TX, but I moved up to a VIA mini ITX running Gforth under 
Slackware when I needed more bandwidth.  I like their serial DA stuff 
since it's easy to write the code, but I'm sure their USB solutions 
would work just as well.

Curtis W Richards

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