[Diy_efi] [slightly ot] Differential Pressure Measurement gauge, alternatives ?

Scott Campbell diy_efi_2
Sat Sep 8 03:34:05 UTC 2007

Something like this comes to mind: http://www.usbee.com/
It claims to have data logging capabilities. It may not meet your  
definition of cheap, but there are a lot of USB scopes out there if you  
search around.


On Fri, 07 Sep 2007 09:44:54 -0600, ian <spyro at f2s.com> wrote:

> Anyone here know of a CHEAP and _LINUX COMPATIBLE_ USB datalogger with
> at least 2 channels of A-D ?
> 8 bit is fine, samplerate not important, anything in the kHz range is
> overkill. robust inputs would be nice.
> looking for off the shelf, dont have time to build my own.
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