[Diy_efi] The so called "Noid" lights ?

Jay Rabe jayrabe
Sun Sep 9 18:35:42 UTC 2007

Im not exactly sure what you are looking for, but this little tester is very
cool.  Its a dual led test light.  Magnetic pickups can light the leds in
this.  Its a pretty helpful little test light.

You could try searching "injector pulse width meter" Not too much comes up
but i think this is more what your lookin for. Besides these, i cant think
of anything besides an oscilloscope.

On 9/9/07, Mike <niche at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Hi chaps,
> Nice to see some activity here re logging, a subject in itself, I have
> idea for small cheapie
> logger and finally pinned down an enclosure/connector combo, but its not
> USB, just serial
> but would work for the most part with the cheapie usb to serial
> adaptors...
> Anyway, i digress...
> I'm on http://www.calaisturbo.com.au  from time to time as "Niche" - funny
> that...!
> And some people use "Noid" lights to test they have drive to the
> injectors, which is (as far
> as I understand) just a LED light in a moulding which is pluggable inline
> with the loom
> to the injector at the actual injector. So you can see it blink when
> cranking etc...
> I'm interested to know if anyone has a "noid" like type tester or item
> which does any more
> than just light up an LED when the driver wants to turn on the injector ?
> Regards from
> Mike
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