[Diy_efi] Sensors

ian spyro
Mon Sep 10 00:43:10 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-09-09 at 14:04 -0400, Jay Rabe wrote:
> you could use this air temp sensor
> http://www.partsquick.com/ProductDetail.asp?i=223207

Thanks - although it appears to simply be a thermal diode or something
similar on a fancy housing... I can make that myself easily enough.

My concern with that type of sensor is the relative thinness of the legs
of the diode and what could happen to the engine if they corroded

anyone know what they are like for robustness, or know of more robust
looking sensors?

> Id guess a GM pressure sensor would be the cheapest and fairly easy to get.

Are they solid state, and capable of working under boost? I know nothing
about GM motors, so I wouldnt know where to begin with their sensors...

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