[Diy_efi] The so called "Noid" lights ?

Mike niche
Mon Sep 10 12:52:46 UTC 2007

Yeah true,

One day some enterprising instrument company will bite the bullet and tightly integrate the
LCD driver chipset with a processor and A/D convertors. phase discriminators, etc etc
and bring out something like a Creative Zen Vision M that has a full on scope, we have seen that
already re some game boy.

But hey if the semi makers and mobile ph companies get really switched on wouldnt it be
nice if a N95 or similar had a series of analog inputs and means to program up a DSO either by
Java or access to task on the main micro etc and perhaps even a low end spectrum analsyer <sigh>
The speculation makes my head spin,

One way we can reverse the trend of de-skilling that a lot of mainstream companies are guilty of
is by building up the technological base through instrumentation built into devices such as multimedia
phones or at the very least some open source type option for your own selection of instrumentation
to suit your lifestyle, blood pressure, heart rate, car battery voltage, humidity, CO when driving etc.
I mean we already have a co in USA building beta decay radiation detectors into some phones with
GPS to report radiation readings on the ping/pong from the base station without our intervention !
Why the f..k dont we have multimeters, at the very least, inside our mobile phones, obvious isnt it
as *all* the basic stuff is already there, just not bloddy thought about...

Gosh the world has changed and we have only just scratched the surface, materials properties with
potential for tight integration with organic (live) interfaces just has to be next, too logical for it to
not be sensible or illogical ;-)


At 08:33 PM 9/10/07, you wrote:
>On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 20:26 +0800, Mike wrote:
>> *grin*
>> Show me a man who wants a $20 scope and I'll show you a man who
>> values pigs over pearls for appearance ;-)
>actually its starting to get interesting what sort of scop eyou can get
>in the ~100 range now.
>granted you wont be using them to diagnose mobile phone transmitters,
>but they are certainly useful devices...
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