[Diy_efi] The so called "Noid" lights ?

Gregg Eshelman g_alan_e
Tue Sep 11 07:57:02 UTC 2007

--- Mike <niche at iinet.net.au> wrote:

> Yeah true,
> One day some enterprising instrument company will
> bite the bullet and tightly integrate the
> LCD driver chipset with a processor and A/D
> convertors. phase discriminators, etc etc
> and bring out something like a Creative Zen Vision M
> that has a full on scope, we have seen that
> already re some game boy.

The Nintendo DS would be a great platform for
something like that. It has two cartridge sockets, one
for Gameboy Advance (and most anything that'll plug
into a GBA) and a second for DS games. Some games use
both sockets, but AFAIK they only use the GBA slot for
a "rumble pack"- I've no idea if more complex uses can
be done with the GBA socket when the DS socket is in

The two screens with the touchscreen feature and Wifi
could also be used for diagnostics.

How about a CAN/OBD2 reader with a wireless connection
to a Nintendo DS? :)

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