[Diy_efi] EEC-IV in an MGB

Steve Ravet Steve.Ravet
Wed Sep 12 02:55:38 UTC 2007

Hi Jim, sounds like a good project you've got going there. 

> Now, my questions.  

For some reason the DIY list has always favored GM.  There's never been
a poll to see what people like, but most of the discussion of factory
systems has been GM, probably followed next by Bosch.  I'm not sure why
that is, I know there are Ford hackers.  If there are any Ford guys here
you should decloak more often!  anyway...

> 3.	I have all the sensors including the Vehicle Speed Sensor
> connected to the harness, so my check-engine light goes off, 
> but I do not have the VSS connected to the speedo cable.  If 
> I understand correctly (mainly from the Probst book on Ford 
> EFI), VSS is used for economy and emissions purposes, like 
> cutting off fuel during deceleration.  Is there any reason I 
> should build an adapter so it can see actual vehicle speed? 
> Thanks in advance for any help.

I can't answer this question specifically but on GMs VSS also figures
into IAC reset and cannister purge.  It's best in general to make the
computer not realize that it's been transplanted, at least until you
have a very good understanding of the interaction between all of the
systems it controls.  There are a wide variety of VSS solutions,
including things like cutting your own wheel out of sheet metal and
attaching it to the driveshaft at the rear U-joint bolts.

hope that helps some,


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