[Diy_efi] EEC-IV in an MGB

Gregg Eshelman g_alan_e
Wed Sep 12 07:35:16 UTC 2007

--- Steve Ravet <Steve.Ravet at arm.com> wrote:

> Hi Jim, sounds like a good project you've got going
> there. 
> > Now, my questions.  
> For some reason the DIY list has always favored GM. 
> There's never been
> a poll to see what people like, but most of the
> discussion of factory
> systems has been GM, probably followed next by
> Bosch.  I'm not sure why
> that is, I know there are Ford hackers.  If there
> are any Ford guys here
> you should decloak more often!  anyway...

A lot of that's because Ford only briefly flirted with
throttle body injection in the 80's before going
multiport on everything.

Then there's that rather annoying street rodder idea
that 99.999% of all Ford 'rods MUST have a Chevy
smallblock dropped into them. Gahhhh! I've even seen
one with adaptors fabricated to mount Ford valve
covers to a Chevy 350.

If you want to TBI a Ford, there's only about three
options. Find a rare 80's Ford with the same engine
with TBI and grab all the parts or just the throttle
body and build a Megasquirt or something, throw a
large wad of money at a Holley setup to go in place of
the carb, or throw a large wad of money at one of the
many companies selling a GM TBI conversion (or do a
Megasquirt with GM throttle body)... I guess that's
four options. ;)

Another reason Ford engines aren't as popular for
hotting up as are Chevy is the aftermarket likes to
charge more $$$ for the equivalent parts for Ford.
I've seen a FEW magazine ads where things like pistons
and rods were the same price for a 350 chev and 351
Ford, but that's *extremely rare*. They claim they
have to charge more for Ford parts because they're not
as popular.

Bah! Ford engines aren't as popular because it costs
more to hop them up! :P (See also the popularity of
pepperoni pizza VS it almost always being on sale or
special price. If it was some *other* topping that was
most often the cheapest, pepperoni wouldn't be the
most popular.)

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