[Diy_efi] Water injection

Mike niche
Wed Sep 12 07:55:21 UTC 2007

At 03:39 PM 9/12/07, you wrote:
>DO NOT place any part of your body within that water
>column or anywhere within about 1" above its top. A
>friend of mine got one of the one transducer fountains
>and when I read that warning he just had to stick his
>finger in it. He got a small and rather painful bruise
>for his dumbness.

Awe shucks, I use my industrial ultrasonic cleaner to clean/tidy
up my finger nails all the time, well I might add, last time I found
my index finger is was pretty clean  ;-)

We had a 400W ultrasonic cleaner at work back in mid 1980's
and one bright spark, a guy from the shop floor who was used to
welding up big plates for hydraulic presses, took his quad throat
carby (V8) out one day and dropped it in the cleaner with a little
mild soap and water, he set the timer to max, which was about
4 hrs or so, came back in the late afternoon and went ballistic
complaining someone had stolen his nice carby, all that were
left were slushy oxides and a few metal linkages, in those days
thats $500 worth of carby returned to its natural state, it took a
long time of explaining that no one had pinched it. Though for
some months afterwards he always gave use suspicious sideways
glances <sigh> Trying to tell him alluminium always has protective
oxide and ultrasonics disturb that just didnt go down well <sigh>

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