[Diy_efi] Water injection

Gregg Eshelman g_alan_e
Wed Sep 12 07:39:52 UTC 2007

--- Steve Ravet <Steve.Ravet at arm.com> wrote:

> I have an ultrasonic humidifier, it uses 1/2 gallon
> of water overnight,
> so doesn't produce that much water vapor.  But maybe
> you could make/find a more vigorous one.

Look up mist fountains. They use an ultrasonic
transducer (one to 8 or more) which somehow makes the
water form up into a small column about 1" tall by
about 1/4" diameter. From the top of that column the
water vaporizes into a cool fog.

DO NOT place any part of your body within that water
column or anywhere within about 1" above its top. A
friend of mine got one of the one transducer fountains
and when I read that warning he just had to stick his
finger in it. He got a small and rather painful bruise
for his dumbness.

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